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RPC Providers

Conflux eSpace also offers its own RPC Providers, similar to those like Infura, Alchemy, and QuickNode. These can be utilized to connect to the Conflux eSpace network.


NOWNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service solution that lets users get access to full Nodes and blockbook Explorers via API. The service provides a high-quality infrastructure that is quick, cost-effective, and reliable. They have Service Quality Standards available for all partners. The users's nodes are under 24/7 surveillance - their availability and relevance are constantly being monitored. That’s way, their clients can enjoy the scalability for any large tasks and blazing fast API responses.

NOWNodes currently supports the Conflux eSpace network, and the eSpace node url is Currently, it only provides Fullnode RPC services for the Mainnet network. In the future, support for the testnet will be added gradually. For the supported networks, please refer to NOWNodes' node list.

NOWNodes offers both Shared Nodes and Dedicated Nodes solution, along with free basic services and paid plans. For service pricing details, please refer to NOWNodes' pricing list. NOWNodes supports payments in Euros and cryptocurrencies.

For specific details and usage instructions, please visit the NOWNodes official website and refer to the documentation.


Unifra offers an open infrastructure accessible to everyone, providing reliable infrastructure services to all Web3 developers. Their node service already includes support for the Conflux eSpace network. They offer a stable and user-friendly RPC service, which can be utilized to connect to the Conflux eSpace network.

Unifra also provides a free-to-use RPC endpoint:

NetworkChain IDRPC Endpoint URLExplorer
Mainnet1030 (0x406)https://conflux-espace-public.unifra.io

You can also buy a higher tier RPC service from Unifra at it console dashboard.


Does Infura, Alchemy, Quick, etc. support Conflux eSpace network?

Currently, they don't support Conflux eSpace network. But we are working with them to support Conflux eSpace network.