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Conflux Ecosystem Grants Overview


Conflux Network operates two distinct grant streams: Technical and Growth grants. Each stream has specific mandates and application requirements. Applications for both streams are submitted via the Conflux forum.

Grant Streams

  1. Technical Grants: Focus on enhancing the Conflux technology stack, including developer tooling and infrastructure, and increasing the number of developers and projects on Conflux.
  2. Growth Grants: Aim to increase user interaction with Conflux by supporting projects deployed on Conflux eSpace. This includes user incentivization, community and marketing efforts, and ecosystem partnerships.

Application Process

  1. Choose Grants Stream: Select the appropriate grant stream and review all materials.
  2. Submit Application to Forum: Complete the grant application form and submit it to the forum.
  3. Evaluation: The Grants Committee reviews all completed applications on a rolling basis.
  4. Decision: Grants meeting the approval criteria are awarded.

Funding Tiers

  • Tier 1: Up to $5k for projects under 1 month. Requires 2 votes.
  • Tier 2: Up to $15k for projects under 3 months. Requires 3 votes.
  • Tier 3: Up to $50k for projects under 6 months. Requires 3 votes and Conflux Foundation sign-off.

Grant Onboarding

Successful applicants are assigned a “Grant Shepherd” who guides them through the grant process, including:

  • Aligning on grant milestones.
  • Signing the grant award letter.
  • Aligning delivery requirements and expectations.
  • Public reporting of grant progress.

Grant Delivery

To release payment for each milestone, projects must:

  • Meet public reporting requirements.
  • Notify the Committee of completed milestones with deliverables.
  • Conduct exit interviews.

Committee Responsibilities

The Grants Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and voting on grant proposals.
  • Assigning a Grant Shepherd to each successful application.
  • Conducting milestone reviews and exit interviews.

Grant Program Terms of Use

All grant applicants must agree to the No Sale Rule and Public Reporting Requirements:

  • No Sale Rule: CFX received through grants should not be sold. Specific conditions apply to both Technical and Growth Grants.
  • Public Reporting Requirements: Regular updates on grant progress are required.

Grant Application Templates

For a streamlined and efficient application process, Conflux Network provides specific templates for both Technical and Growth grants. These templates are designed to guide applicants through the necessary information and requirements, ensuring that all relevant details are covered for the Grants Committee to evaluate the applications effectively.

  • Technical Grants Application Template: This template is tailored for projects focusing on developing the Conflux technology stack and increasing developer engagement. It helps in outlining the technical aspects, objectives, and expected outcomes of the project. Access the Technical Grants Application Template here.
  • Growth Grants Application Template: Aimed at projects that enhance user interaction and growth on Conflux eSpace, this template focuses on aspects such as user incentivization, marketing strategies, and community building. Access the Growth Grants Application Template here.

Applicants are encouraged to utilize these templates to ensure a comprehensive and well-structured grant proposal, aligning with the objectives of the respective grant streams.

Questions and Contact

For further inquiries, reach out via Telegram or the Conflux forum.