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Conflux Spaces

The Conflux Network features a unique design known as Conflux Spaces. A Space in the Conflux Network can be understood as a specific area or akin to an individual blockchain. Currently, there are two Spaces on the Conflux Network: eSpace and Core Space.


eSpace is a space within the Conflux Network that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that any smart contract that can run on Ethereum can also run in eSpace. Ethereum's development tools, SDKs, wallets, etc, can all be directly used in eSpace. The user experience in eSpace is completely consistent with that of Ethereum.

If you are an Ethereum developer looking to quickly deploy your application on the Conflux Network, eSpace would be your preferred choice.

Core Space

Core Space is the core area of the Conflux Network and is also its native space. Core Space boasts higher network performance and additional features (such as the sponsorship mechanism) but is not compatible with Ethereum. It requires the use of Conflux's own SDKs, tools, and wallets.

If you want to utilize the native features of the Conflux Network, then Core Space would be your preferred choice.